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Wendy Gong graduated from Cornell with a Master's degree in Financial Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and economics, with one year of math study at Cambridge University, UK. She is currently working in finance in New York City.

During her spare time, she loves reading a wide range of books on topics such as computational methods, statistics, strategy and philosophy. She also has an immense passion for any personal development topics or tools.

Wendy knows Mandarin, English and Japanese. Watching J-drama, writing articles and running are her major means of catharsis.


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Posted on 20 April 2014 a30 2:27 pm

这个周末小艾生病发烧了。 一边给他煲鸡汤、并买了他最喜欢喝的蔓越莓汁,另一边洗衣服、整理家里。好快周末就结束了。 我情不自禁地想着,爱一个人是不是就是那么简单的事。 尤其在建立了家庭以后,顺利的日子里、互相迁就、考虑,不顺利的时候、互相支持、照顾。 当夫妻两个都变得很老很老、体力都不够的时候,...

Tenri University in Autumn 

Posted on 21 October 2015 a31 5:25 am

Hi there! So starting from today I will slowly introduce more about my university to you guys <3 The university where I am doing the exchange study is located at a beautiful and spiritual town in West Japan, called Tenri (“天理”). It … Continue reading →
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