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Wendy Gong

Wendy Gong graduated from Cornell with a Master's degree in Financial Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and economics, with one year of math study at Cambridge University, UK. She is currently working in finance in New York City.

During her spare time, she loves reading a wide range of books on topics such as computational methods, statistics, strategy and philosophy. She also has an immense passion for any personal development topics or tools.

Wendy knows Mandarin, English and Japanese. Watching J-drama, writing articles and running are her major means of catharsis.


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Posted on 15 February 2014 a28 2:43 pm


Dream to date

Posted on 25 January 2014 a31 6:43 pm

My future dream would be to live in Tokyo and Paris each for a year with you while traveling around domestically and to the surrounding neighbor countries in Asia or Europe; make some meaningful friendship at each place; let our … Continue reading →
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